Marinus Analytics is a woman-owned company founded in 2014 out of Carnegie Mellon Robotics. We investigate how AI can turn big data online into actionable intelligence. 

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We know that it's not just about data: it's about people. Behind massive data streams are the individuals who create them. Whether it's a dealer behind hundreds of serial numbers, a criminal behind thousands of financial transactions, or a victim behind millions of online ads...we use AI to pinpoint the person in the data.

The AI solutions we deploy help law enforcement, government, and the private sector identify and combat criminal activity. Our solutions empower data-driven, people-centric responses in the modern age.

Chief Executive Officer CAra jones

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CEO and cofounder of Marinus Analytics, Cara is passionate about high tech implementations that maximize the efficiency, and by extension, impact, of agencies. She has managed the maturation and commercialization of Marinus Analytics’s Traffic Jam software since the company's founding. She has a deep wealth of experience ranging from engineering autonomous robots, integration testing federal enterprise IT, and even coaching ice hockey, and leads Marinus's expansion across law enforcement, government, and corporate sectors.

president emily kennedy

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President and cofounder of Marinus Analytics, Emily is passionate about bringing AI and technology to bear on our most pressing social problems, like human trafficking. She routinely advises and trains stakeholders—such as attorneys general, prosecutors, law enforcement agents, and NGOs—on use of technology to enable data-driven, proactive impact. She is a Mother of Invention, keynote speaker, and activist.

VP of Business Development Brian Sowa

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VP of Business Development, Brian brings over a decade of government relations, federal marketing, and political experience to Marinus. He is passionate about building relationships that expand the reach of Marinus's mission. He oversees business development, as well as strategic partnerships with large system integrators, to ensure Marinus products have maximum impact.