Traffic Jam

We began in 2011, as the first to develop tools to help law enforcement combat sex trafficking online.

Traffic Jam is the fastest, most accurate way for detectives to rescue victims and catch their exploiters.  We find crucial evidence where others don't, and save detectives hundreds of investigative hours by pointing them to the high-value targets. Traffic Jam is cloud-based and available on any device.

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User Success Stories

I have come to rely upon the information and case leads provided by the program in any prostitution and trafficking investigation. No other tool or service like it is in existence...
— Detective, Oregon Sheriff's Office
Traffic Jam is a great product for investigators of Human Trafficking and Prostitution... When I used Traffic Jam I located multiple [pieces of evidence] that I was not able to find in over 8 hours of searching, and Traffic Jam did it in just under 10 seconds. I cannot say enough about Traffic Jam.
— Detective, California Police Department
Traffic Jam assisted in establishing a timeline of girls being brought into our areas.
— Detective, New Jersey Prosecutor's Office
[It] is the first system I have seen that has been geared toward actually making the vast internet information truly useable by the average investigator.
— Detective, California Police Department
This tool is already used in investigations... It saves time and improves the efficiency of investigators in developing leads and actionable evidence.
— California Prosecuting Attorney
Data from this tool has aided in investigations into human trafficking and offered new investigative leads that were otherwise undiscovered.
— Officer, Wisconsin Police Department