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Marinus Analytics is a woman-owned company founded in 2014 out of Carnegie Mellon Robotics. We investigate how AI can turn big data online into actionable intelligence.

We know that it's not just about data: it's about people. Behind massive data streams are the individuals who create them. Whether it's a dealer posting drugs for sale online, a criminal behind thousands of financial transactions, or a victim behind millions of adult advertisements... we pinpoint the person in the data.

The AI solutions we deploy help law enforcement, government, and the private sector identify and combat criminal activity. Our solutions empower data-driven, people-centric responses in the modern age.

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CEO and cofounder of Marinus Analytics, Cara is passionate about high tech implementations that maximize the efficiency, and by extension, impact, of agencies. She has managed the maturation and commercialization of Marinus Analytics’s Traffic Jam software since the company's founding. She has a deep wealth of experience ranging from engineering autonomous robots, integration testing federal enterprise IT, and even coaching ice hockey, and leads Marinus's expansion across law enforcement, government, and corporate sectors.


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President and cofounder of Marinus Analytics, Emily is passionate about bringing AI and technology to bear on our most pressing social problems, like human trafficking. She routinely advises and trains stakeholders—such as attorneys general, prosecutors, law enforcement agents, and NGOs—on use of technology to enable data-driven, proactive impact. She is a Mother of Invention, keynote speaker, and activist.


fighting human trafficking

Every day, there are hundreds of thousands of ads online selling sex. Behind many of these are victims of human trafficking. Our flagship tool, Traffic Jam, uses AI like facial recognition to decrease investigations by 50%, find victims more quickly, and take down organized criminal networks.


AI solutions for all agencies

The modern law enforcement agency needs to take advantage of all available AI tools to turn big data into actionable intelligence. But migration of data to the cloud is crucial to take advantage of AI tools, and that task can be daunting. We make it straightforward and seamless, so your organization can make the most of cutting-edge AI.


visualizing unstructured data

Government agencies are drowning in data. But in large amounts of data, we see potential. When visualized, this data can pull out patterns that reveal trends, empower action, and allow you to interact with your data as never before. 

Tackling the opioid crisis

The manufacture and sale of opioids has become an epidemic in the United States, ruining the lives of thousands. We apply AI to help law enforcement track the sale of opioids, opioid precursors, and other hard drugs online, to prevent the ensnarement of future victims. Contact us with the Subject Line “Drugs Sold Online” to learn more.


Every day, there are hundreds of thousands of ads online selling sexual services; behind many of these are victims of human trafficking. The company’s flagship tool, Traffic Jam, uses AI like facial recognition to help law enforcement find victims and enable them to take down organized criminal networks. In 2018, Traffic Jam was used to identify an estimated 3,000 victims of sex trafficking. Traffic Jam is used by law enforcement agencies in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Contact us for a free Traffic Jam trial.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a global cloud platform that offers over 165 fully featured services. AWS is unmatched in the innovative technology they offer in areas including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. AWS provides unrivaled security and services available in today's cloud computing environment.

Since 2017, Amazon Web Services has been partnering with Marinus Analytics in order to develop and apply AI tools to public safety spaces. Marinus Analytics used the Amazon Rekognition AI service to add a facial recognition tool to the Traffic Jam platform. Amazon Web Services is supporting Marinus in generating tools to enable law enforcement to maximize their efficiency in recovering sex trafficking victims and dismantling organized crime rings.


The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) is a leading nonprofit organization in the effort to protect children. Every child deserves a safe childhood, and that is what drives NCMEC's work to prevent abuse, recover missing children, and eliminate exploitation through the variety of programs and services they provide. NCMEC works with law enforcement, families, victims, private industry, and the public to assist in the efforts to prevent and combat child victimization.

NCMEC analysts have been given free access to Marinus Analytics's flagship tool Traffic Jam and use it to sift through thousands of missing children reports. Their use of Traffic Jam helps in identifying the location of missing children and assists in the recovery of exploited children.

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