Marinus Analytics Statement on Backpage

Marinus Analytics released the following statement after and its affiliate websites were seized by the FBI and other federal agencies. Emily Kennedy, CEO of Marinus Analytics, said:

"On the evening of Friday, April 6, and its affiliate websites were seized by the FBI and a number of other federal agencies. This has been successful in significantly disrupting the human trafficking market in the past few days. 

"Because it is a black market, human trafficking is an ever-evolving crime. Traffickers are constantly innovating and--as they have in the past--will move to new websites and platforms where they can publicly advertise, to capitalize on this billion dollar industry.

"Websites and platforms will inevitably shift, but our Artificial Intelligence capabilities flexibly adapt to new data sources as they emerge over time. Marinus Analytics maintains our mission to keep law enforcement on the cutting edge with advanced capabilities. We will keep our law enforcement partners informed as to which platforms attract the largest portion of activity in light of these shifts, and will adjust our focus on new resources as they emerge.

"We will continue our work to support law enforcement agencies with cutting edge tools in the evolving space of human trafficking, so they can continue our shared mission of empowering the rescue of victims."

If you are law enforcement and want access to Traffic Jam, please email us at or call us at (866) 945-2803.